INNOVATIVE – 7050 – Flexible Height-Adjustable Laptop and LCD Mount


An ideal option for office workers who primarily use their laptop, but enjoy the mobility of monitor arms and the utility of dual monitors. With the INNOVATIVE 7050, you’re able to utilize both with sacrificing one other. It features both a standard monitor mount, as well as a laptop clamp that allows to easily and safely fasten almost any laptop. This setup basically transforms your laptop into a dual monitor setup! Both arms can be freely adjusted by simply grabbing and moving them to the desired position.

If cables are a concern, you needn’t worry! The monitor arm has a built in cable management ducts for you to run wires through for your charger, mouse, keyboard, and anything else you might be connecting to your laptop.

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  • Horizontal Range of 24″ and Vertical Range of 16″ per Arm
  • 360 rotation at the three joints
  • 200 degree tilt on the monitor and laptop arm
  • Weight capacity of 3 – 13.5 lbs for the Laptop, 2 – 31 lbs for the Monitor
  • Additional models are available that offer different weight capacities, contact us for more info
  • Laptop arm can additionally be used with tablets, allowing for one-handed tablet use

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