INNOVATIVE – 7000-T Laptop Arm – Flexible Height-Adjustable Laptop Mount


Thanks to this Laptop Arm, you don’t need to sacrifice the mobility of a monitor arm for the portability of a laptop! The INNOVATIVE – 7000-T Laptop Arm allows you to attach any size laptop to the arm with a simple secure and release mechanism. The adjustable arm gives you to ability to freely adjust the position of your laptop as you see fit. It’s a great addition for sit-stand desks to allow you to easily adjust the laptop to be at your eye level.

If cables are a concern, you needn’t worry! The monitor arm has a built in cable management ducts for you to run wires through for your charger, mouse, keyboard, and anything else you might be connecting to your laptop.

A 6″ extender tube is available to increase the height of the monitor, contact us for more information

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  • 24″ of horizontal range and 16″ of vertical ranger
  • Folds up to occupy 3″ of space
  • Rotates 360 degrees from the base
  • Laptop mount has a range of 200 degrees
  • Includes FLEXmount™, which allows for 6 different mounting options

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