• Monitor risers allow the computer user to incrementally adjust the height of the monitor at minimum cost.  Measures 11 3/8” x 11 3/8” x 2” One side has an opening of 9” x 1 3/8” for convenient storage of paper and files Each unit stacks upon itself in 2” increments allowing personal positioning of the monitor for maximum comfort and ergonomics Graphite Supports up to 60 pounds. Monitor Risers can be stacks on one another to increase height.
  • Kensington® Monitor Stand with SmartFit® System Monitor Stand Plus with the SmartFit™ system adjusts monitor height to your optimal viewing angle to help to reduce eye and neck strain. Expands usable desk space by allowing storage underneath platform. 2-year warranty and free technical support.
  • The Vu Ryte - VuRyser 8800 Flat Screen Monitor Stand is an essential accessory for your flat-screen monitor. It helps you adjust the height of your monitor by 1-1/8", which enhances your viewing angle and reduces neck strain. This stand comes with stacking trays that interlock, making it easy to raise your monitor to the desired height. Besides, the VuRyser 8800 provides additional storage space for small items such as envelopes and note cards. It measures 13-1/8"W x 9"L x 1-1/8"H and has a 22-lb. capacity, which makes it suitable for most flat-screen monitors. This monitor stand is sold individually and comes in a sleek Graphite/Black color that blends well with most desk setups. With the Vu Ryte - VuRyser 8800 Flat Screen Monitor Stand, you can enjoy comfortable viewing while keeping your workspace organized.
  • The Vu Ryte Vu Ryser 1 Plus Monitor Stand is a versatile and affordable option for anyone who wants to elevate their monitor to a more comfortable viewing height. This stand is designed to provide 1 inch of additional height, allowing you to adjust the height of your monitor incrementally until it is at the perfect level for you. Constructed from durable high-impact plastic, the Vu Ryser 1 Plus is built to last and can support up to 80 lbs. This stand is also designed to accommodate disks, CDs, zip disks, and other small items, helping you keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. One of the unique features of the Vu Ryser 1 Plus is that it can be stacked, allowing you to increase the height adjustment even further. This makes it easy to customize the height of your monitor to suit your specific needs. Overall, the Vu Ryte Vu Ryser 1 Plus Monitor Stand is an excellent choice for anyone who spends long hours working at a computer. With its affordable price, durable construction, and versatile design, this stand is sure to provide years of comfortable and productive use.

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