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Transform your workspace with Tayco’s Scene – an urban-inspired furniture solution designed to cater to the needs of the modern workforce in both private and open-plan settings. This well-thought-out kit of components is incredibly conscious of both function and value, offering an aesthetically striking yet adaptable solution for the ever-changing needs of today’s workplace.

Scene’s striking aesthetic details, such as kickstand support legs, architectural storage support feet, open worksurface gables, thin profile glazing, and sleek handle pulls, make a strong design statement. With the ability to creatively contrast finishes, Scene delivers a modern office that is both functional and stylish.

Flag storage is designed with a staggered user configuration, delivering easily accessible storage and much-needed lateral privacy. Raised from the floor and skirting the worksurface, flag storage is uniquely functional while enhancing the light and uncluttered scale of Scene benching.

Height-adjustable tables are also available, encouraging users to change their posture throughout the day and safeguard their comfort in the workplace while maximizing productivity. You can personalize your space with creative laminate and edge trim combinations, not only for worksurfaces but for storage components as well. Choose Scene to elevate your workspace with style and functionality.

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  1. Urban-inspired furniture solution
  2. Designed for modern workforce in both private and open-plan settings
  3. Well thought-out kit of components
  4. Conscious of both function and value
  5. Adaptable to ever-changing needs of today’s workplace
  6. Aesthetically striking design
  7. Open worksurface gables
  8. Thin profile glazing
  9. Sleek handle pulls
  10. Creative finish contrasts
  11. Flag storage with staggered user configuration
  12. Easily accessible storage
  13. Lateral privacy
  14. Personalizable with creative laminate and edge trim combinations.

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