The R-Go Break HE Mouse is very similar to the normal R-Go HE Mouse, offering ergonomic comfort while allowing you to use your mouse in a more natural position, but it additionally offers a unique “Break” system, that indicates whether or not you’re working in a healthy manner. The built-in LED will change colors based on whether or not you’ve taken the proper amount of breaks or not, based on a traffic light-esque system.

If the light is Green, you’re good to keep working!
If the light is Yellow, it’s time for a break.
If the light is Red, you’ve skipped a break, or have exceeded your recommended mouse usage for the day.

This unique system helps you monitor your work, and encourages you to take a healthy amount of breaks to help keep you going through the day.

Unlike the normal R-Go HE Mouse, this mouse features a DPI switch button, allowing you to change the cursor speed with the press of a button.