AIDATA – Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand


The AIDATA Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand is a great accessory for laptop users. It improves your posture by bringing the screen closer to your eye level, so you don’t have to look down while working, relieving stress on your neck. It can easily fold flat so you can take it to and from work. As long as you have a keyboard,  you can easily emulate the feeling of working on a desktop!

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  • Aluminum material provides a durable and stable build
  • Adjustable platform for 6 different viewing angles (20º, 22.5º, 25º, 35º, 40º, 45º) allowing the laptop to rise up to 7″
  • Surface measures 12″ x 9.5″
  • Adjustable height range of o.5″ to 7″
  • Can comfortably support even the widest laptops
  • Folds down to a flat surface for easy transportation
  • Compatible with laptop lock by weaving the laptop lock cord through the hole on the riser
  • Swivel base allows you to easily rotate your laptop while it rests on the riser


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