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Ergonow offers a unique service to companies looking to purchase furniture.  Our staff provides an exclusive perspective when designing office layouts and workstation configurations.  Our Ergonomic expertise ensures that the workstation we set up will provide the perfect fit for you or your employees, leading to improved functionality, workflow and employee satisfaction.  Post-installation services include proper workstation set-up based on ergonomic principles for optimal working postures. 

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1. Our "Pin" Height Adjustable Desk - these desks can be constructed in any configuration required. The height-adjustable leg supports allow for a range of desktop heights from 26 to 32 inches from the floor. This can be a very cost effective solution for companies who frequently move their staff. The workstation can be set-up to accommodate the individual's optimal working height; keyboard trays, footrests and other accessories will no longer be required! dsc-0577a.jpg


2. Electric Height Adjustable Desks - we recently completed a project which was the a culmination of a collaboration between an architectural firm and Ergonow. Six workstations were outfitted with customized tops to accommodate the required job tasks and equipment. Specific consideration was given to include ergonomic accessories to accommodate the multi-user functions for this environment.
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 3. Sit-to-stand conversions: having the ability to switch between sitting and standing at your workstation allows you to add movement into your workday without compromising productivity. Various configurations and desk sizes are available to suit your needs. Consider retro-fitting your existing desk - combine your own desktop surface with one of our electric, height-adjustable bases to obtain the sit-to-stand capability. 
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Local Highschool - We took great pride in helping a teacher reach her vision with this project. This specific teacher submitted and won a grant for her unique idea: a multi-functional room which can be used as a traditional classroom, or be transformed into an open exercise floor for yoga classes.

The desks which were provided are called "One Touch" by Tayco. With the press of a button, the desktops flip to standing vertically, allowing them to be wheeled and stored in a compact space. Furthermore, the chairs are light-weight and easily stack onto a mobile cart.

It was a great experience for everyone at Ergonow to be involved in the application process for the Grant, and to supply the furniture to outfit this unique classroom!

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Office Furniture 


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